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MotorSports Auto Show 2004

On April 25, 2004, Empire Z met at our monthly spot at a very early 5:00am.  Motorsports was being held earlier from previous years so we wanted to make sure we made it on time for the area they held for us.  About 11 members met up at Denny's where we finally got things rolling just before 5:45am.  We left doing our usual caravan down the 15 S freeway meeting up with a couple of other members who lived along the way making our group about 13 for the day. 

As we pulled into the show, the line was still fairly short because of the early time we had arrived.  The previous year, we had to wait in a 1 mile long line and took quite awhile to get in and situated for the show.  We still had to wait about a hour and a half until they started to allow cars to pull in, so this made it a good time to check out other Z's ranging from 240's to 350's.  Empire Z procured a spot on the North side of Collins St. where we set up camp for the exciting day ahead.

Below are Pics of Empire Z Club members who attended. 









Some other Z's that were at the show which came to approx. 400+ this year