MotorSports Auto Show 2003

Empire Z met early Sunday morning, April 27, to caravan down to the MotorSports Auto Show located in the city of Orange.  This has been the third MotorSports Auto show that we have attended since our club formed in July 2000.  We left Denny's with about 20 Z's and met up later with Josh and a few others who secured a spot for Empire Z.  Thanks to Josh for getting down there at 4-5am to save us a space.  When our group reached the show, there was a line of Z's that extended from the entrance and zigzagged through the neighboring streets for about 1.3mile.  Quite a awesome sight.  As we pulled in, Josh had procured us a spot just inside the entrance, almost at the corner.  Turned out to be a great spot if you ask me.  We lined up and a few of us who were obsessed did some dusting and tire cleaning on the Z's before venturing off to look at the other Z's that were there.  It turned out to be a sunny, clear day that went county guys and grabbed something to eat at The Block.  The Pics below are ones of Empire Z members and friends.