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Z of the Month
August 2014

2013 - 370Z
Owned by Farron D.
Empire Z Member
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There I was on my sofa and Marlin called me and said the new 370 Z just arrived. I jumped up and took a shower and made my way to the dealership. 

Just let me say I was not impressed by the 370 at the time. I owned an 03 Brickyard Z, 07 Convertible Roadster Z gray, 83 Red 280Z, 06 350 Z gray, and yes, 13 Black Cherry 370 Z. Let's just say I have a thing for burgundy.

I must say three years later when I looked online after driving a Camry for six months, I saw this Black Cherry 370 Z days after Christmas 2012. As you can see, I walked away with it and I'm very pleased and happy with my Z.

For the 370, my first go to from factory to aftermarket were the wheels. Rims and tires are like a nice pair of shoes to me. After that it's the stereo, my music is important. If I can't feel it, it's no good. Then we move on to privacy, so we must have tinted windows as you can see. Tinted windows is a must even with the risk of getting pulled over. If it ain't a ticket for speed, then it's for the looks. 

I'm no stranger to the Vertical Doors and issues that come with them because I had them on my 03 350Z, but sometimes you just got to go with your own flavor. 

The only other mod is to lower it and from driving my 350 Z Brickyard slammed..,today I pass. 

Thank you for picking me to be the Z of the month for August 2014. #ZR8TED 


*Tinted windows: Dark 

*20" Staggered XXR 526 6" Lip Rear 245 front 285 rear

*Sony Stereo with Bluetooth phone 

*12" Hertz single and Amp

*Vertical Door Kit 370Z 

**Coming soon: Sunroof if they make.