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Z of the Month
July 2014

1990 - 300ZX 2+2
Owned by Edgar F.
Empire Z Member
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I've owned my current Z for about 3 years now, and have owned a Z since 07. The Z was always a car that caught my attention, even as a teenager. I always wanted one. My first car ended up being an S13 since I couldn't afford a Z32 just yet. It taught me many things about working on cars and prepared me for Z ownership. Once the chance to get one came up, I jumped at the opportunity and haven't looked back since.

This is my second Z. My first Z I owned for over 5 years and learned a lot about the Z and met many great people with it. Unfortunately a rear end collision would total the car and force me into buying my current Z. It's been quite an uphill battle with this Z. I've gone through 5 motor swaps alone with this car. Not to mention all the things I had to fix the the previous owner neglected, failed to tell me about, or just had done improperly. It's taken years to fix all the issues that I would discover little by little, but now she's running great.

As stated, this car has currently gone through 5 motor swaps, and this latest one I made sure no stone was left unturned to make sure nothing goes wrong. I decided to stay the NA route for reliability reasons, and because it provided a fun experiment for me to work with. Not many people really try to work the NA and I was curious as to what I could do with is. As it stands, it has a fully built bottom end, mildly built heads, which are soon going to get reworked for ZCon, and is as reliable as can be now. Currently it puts down around 240whp NA but SpecialtyZ, the tuners, left a bit on the tables until I could come back with a few changes to really push this motor to its real potential.

As it sits, this car is my daily driver and my weekend fun car. I love taking it out to the track, whether it be drifting or road racing. I participate in both forms of motorsports. I find both enjoyable and learned that things I've learned from either style of driving can help the other form of driving. With my old Z, I would go to the track once every 1-2 months, and now that this Z is back to running reliably, I hope to continue that routine. There's nothing like having fun with your car on the track, whether it be sideways burning tires, or chasing down the car in front at the road course. I'm hoping to get a few final tweaks done to the car before ZCon to really showcase what the NA can do.

1990 Nissan 300ZX
Engine: VG30DEĀ 0.50 overbore
Wiseco 11.5:1 88mm pistons
Stock crank bull nosed and Wpc treated
Ishihara-Johnson crank scraper with Teflon extension
Twin Turbo heads
Supertech 0.5mm oversized intake valves
JWT S1 cams
54mm bored out throttle bodies
Custom twin intake system
Twin JWT intake filters with Selin translator
Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulley
SpecialtyZ custom tune
Stillen headers
2.5" Resonated test pipes
3" Veilside Evolution exhaust with custom x-pipe

RPS 6 puck clutch
RPS segmented flywheel
Z1 one piece driveshaft
Carbonetic 2 way LSD with WPC treated clutch disks
4.375 final drive
Greddy Differential Cover
Solid differential bushings
SpecialtyZ Subframe bushing collars

Powertrix Ultralite coilovers
Powertrix front upper control arms
Powertrix rear upper control arms
Peak Performance toe rods
Peak Performance tension rods
TT rear sway bar
Powertrix sway bar end links

Volk CE28 18x10.5 +18
255/35-18 Hankook RS3
Precision European 12mm spacers front and rear
Urethane Gracer replica bumper
Powertrix Fog Lamp Ducts
Harvey Hutch custom nose panel
OEM 99 Spec sideskirts
TwinZ Side Splitters
TwinZ Type2 bumper with integrated diffuser
Veilside EC-1 Spoiler
Unknown roof spoiler

Tanks for looking!

Edgar F.