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Z of the Month
August 2013

1972 - Datsun - 240Z
Owned by John W.
Empire Z Member
(Click images for larger photos)


I picked up this car back in 2003 from a friend of mine.  It was just taking up space in his garage.  I purchased it for $1500.00.  It was a running drivable car and just needed someone to show it some love.

Since I've had the car, I've replaced the engine, transmission, and all the interior has been redone.  It has been painted twice also.  First re-paint was because of a bad accident with a Volvo.  We all know who won that battle.  After that deal, I drove the car for a few years just working on it here and there.

Then the motor died, so it was time for an up grade.  Once I pulled the motor I wanted to re-paint the engine bay, so I taped it off and sprayed it to clean it up a bit.  Well, when I went to remove the tape from the fender, it pulled the paint off with the tape.  S#*%!!  I then had a friend of mine redo the car again.  That was April 2012.  Just in time for the MSA Show.  WOO HOO!!

I told him what I was looking for and what you see is what he came up with.  Some love it, some hate, but it's my car and I Dig It!  Sure wish I would have had this car back in the 70's Disco Scene.  I would have had to beat the chicks off with a stick!

As a lot of you know, I own a machine shop and make a few items for Z cars.  Like dress-up items for your engine bay.  Nothing to great but everyone seems to like what I do.  On my own car, you really have to look at it for a bit to figure out all the stuff I have made for it.

So, in a nut shell, I've has this car for about ten years now and have never stopped working on it.  It's just about done now, but I'm sure I will find something to fix or replace here soon.

 - This is a resto-mod 240Z.  Restored but with some after marked parts.  We all know stock sucks !!!!

 - Engine:  2.8L .040 over w/flat top pistons.  Stock cam for now, P90 turbo head, stock S/U carbs.

 - Drive line:  Stock 280ZX 5 Speed Transmission, 3:90 Nissan comp LSD diff.

 - Suspension:  Tokico struts, Eibach springs, all urethane bushings.

 - Tires & Wheels:  Very rare panasport deep lip racing wheels w/Falken tires.  Custom center caps and lug nuts (Made by owner).  Rear disc brake conversion.

 - Interior:  Recardo seats, Custom, tweed over silver suede, door panels to match.  Sparco wheel.

 - Body:  Stock body with custom mix silver paint and heavy red metal flake disco stripe.

 - Under hood:  All the aluminum parts made by owner:  Air cleaner, oil cap, master cylinder caps, radiator cap, and fuel rail.


Thanks to Empire Z for asking me to be, "August Car of the Month".

Thanks for looking.

John W.

Williams Machine Inc.
570 Central Ave.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
951-245-6240 - Shop
951-245-6241 - Fax