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Z of the Month
July 2013

1990 - 300ZX Twin Turbo
Owned by Billy E.
Empire Z Member
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My 1990 300zx TT
When I first laid eyes on this car was in 2007 and I didn't quite know if I wanted a muscle car or an import car.
I just knew I wanted something fast that was rear wheel drive with somewhere around 300 hp.  When the opportunity for this car arrived it was a blessing.  A friend told me about a twin turbo z that was up in the mountain area's and wanted only $2000 dollars for.  When I heard this I jumped at it.

The catch was the motor was running on 5 cylinders the turbo's were not working and the suspension in the rear was mysteriously stuck higher than normal in the rear. Also I forgot to mention, rats and other rodents decided to make a home out of the engine bay by chewing wires, hood insulation, and other various parts from

the vehicle. Miraculously with a few little wire fixes and a battery charge the car started right up after it had been sitting for a very long time.

The interior and exterior was still in great shape.  So I decided to buy this Z.  I didn't know if I had made the worst mistake or the best decision ever.  The car was so sketchy to drive I had hired an acquaintance to drive it down the hill for a $100 and I was so surprised it made it. So that is when I decided to make it my mission to  revive and completely transform this car. I could not for the life of me let it go to the junk yard.
The Z when I purchased it had 74,000 original miles with original royal cherry paint.  Only had 2 previous owners and I had the original bill of sale when it was first purchased off the show room floor for an amazing $54,000 back in 1990.  I was like most people when they first buy these cars I was in a world of frustration and confusion about how hard it seemed to work on this motor.  I had no Idea.  After scouring the internet trying to find
a mechanic that would be able to work on this car and getting turned down left and right I was starting to get discouraged.  luckily I came across a shop called TekOne in Riverside where I was able to take my car to.  Alex the owner of TekOne took great car of my car.  One thing I cant lie about was that it did take some time.  That's for sure.  But I later realize that with these cars doing anything to them takes way more time than it should. After about a year of fixing the car to normal operation to all the modifications it took almost a year. So here are my Modifications as follows:
- 5 speed transmission
- Wings West Polyurethane Body Kit
- Dual Pop Charger with HKS reload Intake Filters (Custom built intakes run behind front bumper uses fog
    light holes as air inlet holes)
- 2.5 Inch Tech One custom intercooler piping kit
- V-mount intercooler
- Megan racing radiator
- Megan racing Front Tension Rods
- T-28 ball bearing turbo upgrade with HKS waste gates ( sport 650)
- Z-1 blow off valves
- Fully rebuilt motor bottom end.
- Nismo 555cc injectors
- HID headlights
- Ultima Yellow Top Gel battery
- Clutchmaster Stage 3 Clutch
- Aluminum racing flywheel
- Custom Red Suede interior
- Blitz Electronic Boost controller
- Turbo Timer
- AEM air fuel gauge
- MOMO Tuner Steering wheel with detach
- MOMO Steering hub
- Powertrix adjustable control arms rear and front
- HICAS eliminator
- Specialty Z Down pipes
- Specialty Z Test Pipes
- Greddy Ti-C Exhaust
- Tein Suspension
- Staggered rim set up Sport max rims 18" Rear 17" front
- Stanza Throttle Body Upgrade
- Specialty Z Dyno Tuned ECU
- APEXI Air fuel Controller NEO
- Sparco 5 Point seat belts
Car is doing 460 rwhp on 91 tuned by Specialty Z.

Thanks for looking.

Billy W..