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Z of the Month
April 2013

2009 - 370Z
Owned by Rey S.
Empire Z Member
(Click images for larger photos)



Wheels & Suspension
Plasti Dip wheels
EBC 3GD Dimple/Slotted Series Sport Rotors
Front/Rear Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads
KW Variant 3 Coil Overs
SPC Front Camber Arms w/Rear Toe Bolts

Stillen Generation 3 Dual Long Tube Intake
UpRev Tune
Z1 Silicone Radiator Hose Set
JDM Version 2 CF Engine Compartment Covers
JDM CF Radiator Cooling Panel
Customized Brace Strut Bar
Stillen Power Steering Cooler Kit
MotorDyne M370 Manifold

HKS Dual Hi-Power Ti Titanium Tip Exhaust System

JDM Clear Tail lights
Dual Angel Eyes w/Landing Strip Headlights Customized By OnEighty
Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders by Aero Jacket

Red dome and trunk lights
Fairlady Z Floor Mats

Kenwood DDX719 DVD Receiver
Polk Audio DXi650 6 ˝-inch Coaxial Mobile Audio Loudspeaker
Polk Audio DXi6500 6 ˝-inch Component Speaker System
Sound Stream 6 Channel Amplifier
STL 60620
Pioneer TS-SW841D 8” Shallow-Mount Sub w/500
Watts Max Power

I Bought my 2009 Monterey Blue 370Z in August of 2011. I did six months of research in finding the right car when I came across the 370Z.  Originally I was going to purchase a white 370z nismo.  When it came time to purchase I could no longer afford it.  So I looked into CarMax and settled for the Hyundai Genesis coupe.  I scheduled to do a test drive and buy it.  So I went to CarMax and asked for the sales rep that I had been talking to.  Come to find out I drove to the wrong CarMax.  Since I was there might as well have a look around.  Then there it was, parked in the show room sparkling saying buy me.  At that time I had a quick 30min session on driving stick in my buddy’s scion.  Not wanting to look like a complete idiot in front of the sales rep I declined to test drive it.  Good thing everything worked out fine.  But just my luck it was bumper to bumper traffic on the highway.  I must have stalled it 3 times on the drive home.   I’m the second owner; car was originally a lease and had 7K miles when I bought it.  This is my first Z and started modifying in after being in an accident in Dec. 2012.  My Z is my daily driver so I do most of the labor myself.  There is much more work to be done on my Z and will be done in time to come.  Future modifications include:

On Order:

1)     Keyless Door Handle by Z1

Coming Soon:

1)     Veil Side Body Kit

2)     CF Door Handles

3)     CF Pillars

4)     Evo-R Fog Light-Smoked

5)     JDM Fairlady Z Fender Emblem

6)     Z1 Upgraded Hatch Struts

7)     Custom hood from Aero Jacket

8)     Varis CF Spoiler

9)     4 point roll harness

10) Ark R-Spec HFC

11) Bride seats and rails

12) Mishimoto Radiator

13) Stop Tech big brake upgrade kit

14) Yokohama Advan 19inch RG-D wheels

15) CF Hood Dampers

16) Z Speed V2 Aluminum Under Shroud Engine Splash Shield

17) AE Performance Oil Cooler

18) White line front/rear sway bars and end links

Hope you enjoyed, thank you for looking!!!


Rey S.