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Z of the Month
January 2013

1990 - 300ZX NA > TT
Owned by Ed P.
Empire Z Member
(Click images for larger photos)


I bought my car (while I was still in high school) from the second owner in 2004, in Echo Park; little did I know, I would still own the same car present day.

My 1990 300ZX originally started life as a NA and eventually I did the infamous TT swap.

I work on Z's on a regular basis and I can say that this one Z out of five others that I have owned has been my template for working and modifying these cars.  In 2008 I sold my JDM (Japan Domestic Market) engine to a customer that needed an engine; I purchased a set of CP pistons and Pauter rods in hopes of rebuilding the engine.  I was given as a core but little did I know that it would be four years before I would eventually start my Z up for the first time.  It's difficult to invest so much money into one car and with the addition of a new project (TT Supra) I thought I would never get to finish my Z, but one day I just looked at my Z covered in four years of dust and thought to myself "that's it". 

I own and operate a small performance and general service shop in Fullerton and thankfully I have access to all the tools and equipment I needed to get my Z running.  In a month or so the car was finished and I have yet to look back!  The car is a blast to drive and has re-ignited my passion for the Z cars.

My shop is:

Ed's Garage
2560 Fender Ave, Unit "H"
Fullerton, CA 92831

Here is my mods list:

::Engine Performance::

CP 88mm 8.5:1 Forged Pistons
Pauter Chrome-Moly Forged Rods
ACL Race Series Bearings .25mm Over
Z1 GT675RS Turbo Kit
NA Oil Jet Squirters
300 Degree Fuel Rail Kit
Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors
SZ Fuel Line Kit
ARP Head Stud Bolt Kit W/ OEM Washers
ARP Main Stud Bolt Kit
Alloy Toyz 3in SS Expansion Downpipes (5 Bolt)
Alloy Toyz 3in > 2.5in SS Test Pipes (Non-Resonated)
MS Performance Cast Manifolds
Greddy EVO2 Exhaust System
Stillen Side Mount Intercoolers
Nismo Upgraded Oil Cooler
JWT Dual-POP Intake System
Selin Design Dual MAF Translator
Koyo Racing Radiator W/ Custom Brackets
CZP Silicone Radiator Hoses
Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley
BilZki H.I. Over-Drive W/P Pulley
Greddy Neodymium Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
JWT Heavy Duty VTC Springs
Z1 NA > TT Lower Radiator Conversion Bracket
SZ EGR Block-Off Plates


SZ/RPS Max Street Clutch
RPS Segmented Flywheel
Woody75's Short Shifter
Custom One-Piece Driveshaft
Nismo Needle Bearing Pilot Bushing
CZP SS Braided Clutch Line
CZP Chrome-Moly Clutch Pivot Ball
CZP Upgraded Heavy Duty Clutch Fork Kit



HKS EVC V Boost Controller
Optima Red Top Battery


Stock TT Aluminum Calipers
PBR Ceramic Brake Pads
CZP Brake Master Cylinder Brace


KYB AGX Struts
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Eibach Lowering Springs


Apex'i Boost Gauge
Corbeau Racing Seats
'99 Spec (Red Stitched) Shift Knob


JDM Headlights
'99 Spec Tail-lights
'99 Spec Front Fascia
Work VS-SS Wheels (Specs BeloW)
Front: 18x8 Off-set +38 (235/40)
Rear: 18x9 Off-set +38 (265/35)
Phillips HID Kit (w/ PIAA D2S 6600K Bulbs)


Nismo Oil Cap
Nismo Radiator Cap
Polished CAS
Polished Throttle Bodies
Powder Coated CAS Bracket (Chrome)
Powder Coated Upper Plenum (Chrome)
Powder Coated Upper/Lower Radiator Pipes (Chrome)
Smith Concepts Hardpipes (w/ Red Couplers)

Thanks for looking.

Ed P.