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Z of the Month
November 2012

1990 - 300ZX Twin Turbo
Owned by Jerry M.
Empire Z Vice President
(Click images for larger photos)



I first saw a new 1990 300ZX (Z32) in a dealer show room in Victorville, California.  I fell in love with the car immediately, but unfortunately I could not afford the over $34,000 window sticker price.  Since that time I looked forward to the day when I could own one.

I finally got my first Z Car in September 2004.  It was a 1993 300ZX NA in Sapphire Blue and I really enjoyed the car.  However, 30 days later I got rear-ended by a Ford Ranger pick-up that knocked me into a trailer in front of me.  The Z was totaled.

I picked up a 1994 Twin Turbo in November 2004 that was custom painted Lexus Blue and had Wings West fascia, rear bumper and side skirts.  I put over 20,000 miles on it before I sold it.  I joined the Empire Z Club in January of 2005.

My 3rd Z was a 1990 NA that I bought in August 2005 with 217,000 on the clock and I still have it.  It is my daily driver and now has over 254,000 miles on it.

I bought my current 1990 Twin Turbo in July of 2006.  It only had 22,750 original miles on it and it was my dream car.  Just the color I wanted (Glacier White Pearlglow).  Except for a HKS Turbo Timer, it was completely stock.

The Z was originally owned by a pilot from Colorado.  He never drove it in winter and was traveling most of the time so the mileage was very low.  He had regular maintenance done by the local dealership and the 60K service done  (timing belt and idler pulleys) in Dec of 1999 at 18,000 miles.

The 2nd owner of the Z was from Las Vegas, Nevada and he bought the car sometime in 2005.  He had the car advertised on eBay and no one met his reserve price.  I called him and got his bottom dollar price and flew up to Las Vegas on July 7, 2006 with a Cashier's Check and drove it home.  The only thing he did to the car, other than regular maintenance, was to add the turbo timer. 

Since I've had the 90 TT I've added:

- 8 1/2" Chrome Wheels on all corners
- Brake Master Cylinder Brace
- Greddy SP1 Exhaust System
- JDM Clear Corners
- JSPEC Tail Lights & Center Panel
- JWT Pop Charger
- Powertrix Strut Tower Bars (front & rear)
- Powertrix Stainless Radiator Air Guide
- Powertrix engine bay Stainless Steel Bolt Kit
- Specialty Z ECU with boost jets

The only problems I have had were:

- Failed injector (replaced and had the remaining injectors rebuilt)
- Ignition relay (located behind the left front wheel)
- Replaced tension rod and steering rack bushings
- Replaced battery

For the past six years I have only driven the car for pleasure, club meetings, and other Z car events.  The mileage now stands at 37,600.  I thoroughly enjoy the car every time I drive it because it drives like a new car.  It still smells new.  If you would like to view more photos, go >here<

Thanks for looking!


Jerry M.