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Z of the Month
September 2012

1979 - 280ZX
Owned by Carlos P.
Empire Z Member
(Click images for larger photos)


I feel honored in having my car for Z of the Month.

My car and I have come along way till this day. I was never really into old Z's. In fact, I didn't know Z's went that far back. When I found my Z back in 2010, I was on a tight budget and I needed a running car back then since my Gs-T broke down. So I went on Craigslist and put my max amount which was 700 and this Z was one that popped up from Big Bear, CA.

It was torn up from head to toe (some Empire Z members remember it) [See first picture above]  So I negotiated with the kids that had it (which they where very careless with it) and took off with a 500 dollar Z Car.

Not quite interested in restoring an old car at my young age, I didn't take interest in it as long as it took me from Point A to Point B. Then I met Mike B. (a member from Empire Z) when I was getting gas before going up to the studio, he was waiting for the caravans to go up to Big Bear in Redlands. That's when I took interest in my car after seeing how cool it would be to be part of a car club and since I had already invested some money in the car to get it in better running condition.

I didn't bother selling it so I could get a better looking Z. That's when my passion kicked in for my car. I always liked to be different and have a different style. So I got my own custom paint job. A midnight purple from the Skyline, and metallic silver as well as a dual double Magnaflow exhaust, the full Anniversary Body Kit. As well as a 7 color under glow.

I put in a Push Start Ignition. I also got a custom woofer box two 12's Perf. Teks and a Sony Amp (I Already got the same branded amp as the speakers but haven't connected it yet). I upgraded from my stock wheels to 16"s so I can still put a bit wider meaty stickies on.

Performance wise, Its pretty much stock besides the Magnaflows, MSA headers, straight pipe and a big Spectre Air Filter. From this long restoration road, my car sits as a 11,000+ dollar investment. All engine work was done by myself and my personal mechanic, my pops. The next little project we have coming up, is the interior and rewiring, That will be another fun Father-and-Son project. This car became our prize possession.

Thanks for looking !!

Carlos P.