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We had our 5th annual Mountain Cruise on June 4th, 2006.  Even though we had it on the same date a year earlier, this year it turned out not to be the best day due to the 110 degree temperature that sweltered the Inland Empire.  When we reached the 330 Highway and began our accent into the mountains, many of us experienced high water temps and overheating.  Unfortunately, one of our members had to stop and turn around while a couple others had to pull over and cool down.  When we final reached the Arrowbear area, it finally cooled down to a acceptable level.  We reached Big Bear City where we took a break for lunch before continuing onward.  We usually continue down the 18 Highway down to Lacerne Valley (i.e. Death Valley Area) but due to the high temperatures we altered the route and instead descended down the 38 Highway through the  Angelus Oaks Area where it had cooler temps.  Still was a good run but will probably have the cruise a bit earlier next year. 

On to the Pics!




Before we headed up the Mountains.




After we reached the Arrowbear Area and cooled down the Z's due to the insanely hot summer temperatures.  Continued on to Big Bear.







Lunch in Big Bear City.  Still pretty hot.






A couple Pics heading down.