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Mountain Cruise 2003

The Empire Z Mountain Cruise took place on June 29, 2003, which turned out to be a great day for a cruise.  We met just before noon at our usual location Denny's and hung around chatting a bit till everyone showed up.  Approximately 15 Z's showed up for the drive. When leaving Denny's, we jumped on the 15N Freeway heading up towards the high desert to the Lake Silverwood 138 off-ramp.  See This Map for route. After we got there, we pulled over regrouped and took a few Pictures before we headed off to tackle some of the best twisties (IMO) in California.  A short time later we found ourselves heading through the Lake Gregory and Lake Arrowhead communities enjoying the sights and sounds of our local mountains.  We finally came to the 18 Highway and caravanned through Rim of the World then Running Springs to our destination Big Bear Lake for some pizza at a local Italian restaurant called Venice Ristorante.   If you are in the Village area I would highly suggest them.  After we filled ourselves up, we jumped back into the Z's and headed down the 38 Highway through Angelus Oaks  to our final location Starbucks located in Redlands.  All-in-all it was a great cruise except for the extremely slow lady we encountered coming down the 38 Highway but that was to be expected:)  Enjoy the Pics.