Mountain Cruise 2002

The Cruise began at the Chevron Station located in Highland, CA at 11:00am.  About 11 Z's showed up to make a  mix of 300's 280's, and 240's.  We met up, fueled up, and then headed up the 330 freeway to tackle the SCal mountains before the snow hit for the season.  Originally, the date was set for 11/24/02 but Brad reminded us that the IDRC Finals were on that day so, we pushed the cruise back a week.  After we made it up to Big Bear Village we grabbed a few pizzas at a local Italian dinner (pretty good pizza BTW) and chatted a bit.

Rick then suggested instead of heading down the 38 through Angelus Oaks (which was the original plan), we alter the cruise to drive down the back side of Big Bear on the 38 Highway to the High Desert area.  From there, we drove through  the Lake Silverwood area to the Cajon Pass.  Good suggestion Rick!  All-in-all it was a great cruise and a good day.