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Empire Z JGTC Event 2004




Welcome To America JGTC!  This was the first ever JGTC held in the USA which took place at the Fontana Speedway, CA, and was a two day event.  This event took place the third week of December on the 18th and 19th which turned out to be a mixture of cold, warm, windy days.  Empire Z, LAZ32 Club, and SDZ32 teamed up as one group so we could get the club package which included priority parking (which was on the inside of the track), seating, and our own area to BBQ at. 

Since this was the first year the JGTC had made it to the USA and there was some confusion about parking, we meet very early at 6:00am at our regular meeting spot to caravan to the Fontana Speedway which was only about 10-15 minutes away.  We arrived there shortly after where we entered the track and got a little adrenaline rush when you when through the tunnel under the fourth corner turn onto the infield.  We parked and set up our spot.

For the next two days we saw some absolutely great racing.  Events include the GT races, drift contests, vendor area, not to mention hanging out in the pit area while they tuned the cars for the next race.  Definitely something you will not be able to do with NASCAR.

Thanks to everyone who showed up that very early Saturday/Sunday morning.  There is a new website up for the USA JGTC event located at SuperGT.Net.  Empire Z will most likely be attending this event again in 2005.


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Again, Visit  SuperGT.net to find current info on the JGTC